Bausch + Lomb

International Graphics Lead

Bausch + Lomb is a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company dedicated to providing the best eyecare products worldwide.

My role directly supports our international markets, working directly in R&D ensuring all product packaging is accurate, optimized, and legally correct for various international Health Authorities.

My team is part of the last step in the labelling process before getting sent to print and packaging.


regulatory compliance


Various Lumify products
Bausch + Lomb blank carton template guidelines

Corporate Standards

As a prominent global pharmaceutical company, maintaining accurate and consistent information is critical for safety.

Many of our labels require thorough updates and maintenance to uphold best practices. This involves a comprehensive understanding of the prepress system to ensure the accurate and complete production of products.

We utilize software tools such as TvT (Text Verification Tool) and ELM (Electronic Labeling Management) to verify all content and manage products in our pipeline

TvT LogoELM logo
Pantone color swatches for print
Color guidelines for Bausch + Lomb
Photo of many Bausch + Lomb eye care products


Lumify stands as one of B+L's best-selling products, with importance of its global availability. My responsibility involves adapting labels for different countries. I collaborate with our International teams to ensure that the labels align with the requirements of Health Authorities across various regions.

Lumify product packaging featuring different countries
Lumify English


Lumify Spanish


Lumify French


Lumify Portuguese


Lumify Dutch


Lumify Arabic