Design Lead & Brand Manager

Gardner-Gibson holds a prominent position as a leading manufacturer in the roofing and driveway sector, showcasing its products in numerous major retailers and online platforms.

My responsibilities included overseeing all creative aspects, with a significant emphasis on packaging design, web development, and maintenance. I actively contributed to the creation of various marketing collateral pieces, ensuring a cohesive and compelling brand presence across diverse channels.



web design

5g and 1g Gardner Sta-Kool product/label examples

& Black Jack

I served as the main designer for Gardner & Black Jack, the two primary retail brands in the roofing and driveway markets.

These products gained international visibility in major retailers and online platforms.

While working on many creative aspects, I particularly focused on revamping the packaging, contributing to the current look seen on store shelves. I played a key role in influencing the design and content of our online platform when we switched our sites to Shopify.

Shelving display of Gardner and Black Jack 1g and 5g buckets
Gardner Sta-Kool & Black Jack Eterna-Kote flyer example
Eterna-Kote Brochure example
5g and 1g Black Jack Eterna-Kote product/label examples
Black Jack Eterna-Kote product rebrand showcase, new vs old look
Gardner Sta-Kool product rebrand showcase, new vs old look
Black Jack Driveway product rebrand showcase, new vs old look


While not the main designer for APOC, I contributed to various projects and provided valuable input during the brand's redesign, leveraging my expertise in product rebranding.

I played a role in developing additional marketing materials as part of the rebranding initiative and actively assisted in building the APOC website.

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5g and 1g APOC #301 product/label examples
Staged photo featuring APOC branded flashdrive, lanyard, and APOC Caulk tubes.
Truck & Trailer wrapped in a APOC branded vehicle wrap
APOC product rebrand showcase, new vs old look
APOC website displayed on a laptop scene
APOC rack card example
APOC hat example