Frosk Design Co branding example
Frosk logo mark sticker


The Frosk branding was intentionally responsive. It was important to me that the branding could be easily recognized across various formats, while maintaining a sophisticated and professional aesthetic.

The logo was created to convey a bold and confident presence, while still feeling warm and approachable to potential clients. As a personal touch, I incorporated a frog motif into the logo design, as I have a deep love and appreciation for these amphibious creatures.

Frosk Design Co website on a laptop scene with an iphone included


My goal when creating the Frosk identity was to ensure that it could be utilized across a wide range of mediums while maintaining its universality and adaptability.

It was crucial that the Frosk branding looked exceptional, whether it was used as the primary focus or as a subtle accent.

Frosk Design Co documents, contracts, quotes, invoices
Embossed Frosk logo
Frosk Design Co notebook, and pencils associated by color
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