Tarpon Arts

Design Lead - Marketing & Events

Tarpon Arts is the Department of Cultural Services for the City of Tarpon Springs and supports the City’s residents and visitors through local historic preservation activities, entertainment including live events, workshops, and museums.

My role within the city allowed me to work on multiple projects focusing on graphic and marketing initiatives.

print media


social media

22-23 season brochure cover for Tarpon Arts
21-22 season brochure cover for Tarpon Arts


Tarpon Arts primarily showcases a seasonal entertainment schedule, and I was responsible for designing annual brochures featuring upcoming acts and workshops streamlining information accessibility for patrons.

Additionally, I managed the website and social media consistently to ensure information availability at all times.

Grid of Tarpon Arts' entertainment cover images for Jason Lyle Black, Well Strung, The Soul of Broadway, and Shades of Buble
Grid photo displaying live entertainment cover images, The Sounds of Soul, Jukebox Saturday Night, Divas 2, and Sail On.
Tarpon Arts website example displayed on a laptop scene


We promoted content through digital channels like paid social media, website advertising, and monthly email blasts.

In the realm of printed media, newspapers, rack cards, posters, and magazine ads played a crucial role in the city's communication strategy.

Tarpon Arts social media examples displayed on iphones
various rack cards featuring the local museums and artists in Tarpon Springs
Walking tour rack card featuring victorian era houses and info about them
Live event ticket example featuring Bachelors of Broadway
Tarpon Arts seasonal and standard gift certificate
Local newspaper ad for upcoming Tarpon Arts entertainment