Krawler Vault logo
High-end RC Truck with Krawler Vault stickers and patches placed all around it.


My client sought a professional and versatile industry image for his RC vehicle enthusiast brand, applicable in both print and digital spaces.

I blended the rugged RC truck aesthetic with his chosen color scheme, achieving a distinctive and adaptable brand presence. The result is a brand that seamlessly maintains its impact across various platforms, embodying professionalism at events and online.

High-end RC Truck with patches and stickers placed all around it.
A backpack with various patches I designed placed all over it.


A highly-rated patch manufactuer in other industries, my client was aiming to gain a presence in a new industry unsaturated.

I was hired to help design various pieces of artowrk that could be adapted into patches and stickers that were then sold at in-person events and online.

This venture lead to a creator spotlight in a popular RC Vehicle magazine.

Krawler Vault logo made as a patch stuck to a backpack
Crawler-R-Us stickers displayed in a scale garage
Krawler Vault and Scale Corp RC patches stuck to a backpack
Scale Corp RC patch displayed on a truck
Crawler-R-Us patches arranged
Krawler Vault logo sticker display